Plumbers R Us is a fully licensed & insured plumbing company, specialising in blocked sewers & drains, CCTV drain camera inspections and Pipe Lining trenchless technology to rehabilitate stormwater and sewer drain & pipes, servicing homeowners, businesses, construction companies, owner’s corporations.

We use the latest technology and equipment to unblock and clear sewer drains & stormwater pipes using high pressure water jetters and/or electric drain machinery to unblock the drain of tree roots, debris, broken or cracked pipes, silt and fats. Then if required use our CCTV drain camera to locate the cause of the problem. Our CCTV drain camera’s vision allows us to assess the condition of the pipe or drain and find a permanent solution either by using Plumbers R Us pipelining trenchless technology or excavation and replacement of drains.

We specialize in clearing all types of sewer and stormwater drain blockages as well as showers, sinks and basins blockages Melbourne.

We have sourced the latest and best CIPP Pipe Relining technology and equipment from around the world.

Plumbers R Us is a company that is founded on providing quality and innovative products for the customer.

Our team consists of plumbers who work under our own OH&S and environmental policies and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance within the regulatory obligations.